In-Person Events

Though COVID-19 is seemingly behind us, travel for many still seems very far from the norm. Bringing our family and friend together virtual is now a tried and proven solution. The links below will show you a broad spectrum of events captured during the pandemic and from very recently. We don’t just do “ZOOM”, we deliver a truly virtual event experience.


Bar/Bat Mitzvahs


Room Shots

Touchless Event Photography in Real-Time


Spot My Photos is instant real-time photography using cutting edge technology. Images are captured by a professional photographer, sent directly to an arm-mounted cell phone, or attendant carrying an iPad. The guest gives a phone #, and the photos are sent directly to the customer instantly.

The best part is that every additional photo of the same person automatically gets delivered to them as well.
Photos can be branded, sponsored, or generic.

Here’s How We Create Photo Delivery Magic.


Attendees smile for the camera and have some photos taken by a professional photographer.


They register with the photographer one time, providing the phone number or email address where they want to receive their photos.


A link to their own private gallery is instantly shared. This gallery updates during the event with each photo they appear in. They can share photos on their own terms via social media.

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