The team of creative photographers at Washington Talent are ready to create the perfect personal or professional portrait you have always dreamed of. We have artists that specialize in Engagement Portraits, High School Seniors, Executives, Maternity, Children, Families, Pets, Fashion, and Personal Portraits. CHALLENGE OUR CREATIVITY! 

Having a portrait made especially for you takes time and planning. Choosing the right clothes, accessories and shoes is paramount. We will hold your hand throughout the entire process and even get professional hair and make-up artists, if you wish!

What Is the Purpose of the Portrait?

The first thing to consider when choosing an outfit for studio portraits is what the purpose of the portraits? Will these portraits be the first impression of you in a business setting? Are the pictures a gift for family members? Are these portraits capturing a specific part or time of your life? Dress accordingly! Simple or sexy, if you wouldn’t wear jeans to work, do not wear jeans for a business portrait. If your family never wears formal wear, then a formal gown wouldn’t look appropriate for a family portrait. If these portraits are to make you feel special or are a special portrait to make someone else feel special, again, dress accordingly.

Solid Colors and Classic Pieces

A classic v-neck sweater will never go out of style.  A dark suit jacket and clean white shirt (ties optional) or Khakis and a polo will work, too. Solid colors are going to be best for a studio portrait because they allow the focus to be on you and your face without detraction for bright colors or flower patterns. However, if you have a favorite bright color then wear it, but ask the photographer to test different light settings so that you don’t end up with a hot pink tint to your face.

Click on a thumb nail below to see samples of our work then fill out the form on the right to request a sitting date or to be contacted by one of our portrait specialists. If you wish to speak to someone directly, please call Jack (ext. 128) or Monica (ext. 148) at 301.762.1800.

What to wear and other tips about your upcoming portrait. 

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