Prime Time

A well tuned and cutting edge group of musicians that exceed the expectations of your normal wedding band. Prime Time is a diverse 7-piece band, that sounds like 10… With an on-site DJ.


Prime Time isn’t just a band; it’s a high-octane musical experience that will elevate your wedding to legendary status! This dynamo of a group, masquerading as a 7-piece ensemble, delivers the sonic power and energy of a 10-piece powerhouse, complete with an on-site DJ to keep the transitions seamless and the party non-stop.
For over 15 years, Prime Time has been a crown jewel of Washington Talent, mesmerizing audiences with their extraordinary talent and charisma. At the helm is the sensational robstocks aka snúhgie, a national recording artist who not only captivates with his vocal prowess but also enchants with his masterful saxophone performances. The magnetic Jared Bailey is a dual-threat, dazzling with his vocal range and trumpet skills.
But the magic doesn’t stop there. The enchanting London Ivy is the band’s leading lady, whose presence and performance bind the group in a spell of musical harmony. The rhythm section is a fortress of talent, with Stanley Banks Jr. on drums setting the heartbeat of the band, Chris Stott laying down groovy bass lines, Austin Stahle weaving melodic narratives on the guitar, and Charles Alston creating a rich tapestry of sound on the keys.
Prime Time’s repertoire is a treasure trove of musical gems, spanning the latest chart-toppers, soul-stirring jazz medleys, Motown classics from the ’60s, the irresistible grooves of the ’70s, and the iconic hits of the ’80s and ’90s. When Prime Time performs, it’s not just an event; it’s an unforgettable vibe that will have your guests talking for years to come!

7 Piece Line Up

2 Male Vocals, 1 Female Vocals 

Keyboard, Guitar, Bass, Drums (Saxophone and Trumpet are played by Male Vocals)


-Musicians for ceremony + cocktails

-Ceremony Sound

-Additional Horns





Prime Time cover a wide range of genres including jazz, pop, rock, R&B and Motown.

Our standard performance includes up to 3 hours of live music. One hour dinner set and two hours of
party music. We usually break this down into sets with short breaks in between if needed.

Yes, we are happy to learn up to three special songs for your event, provided we receive the requests at
least one month in advance.

Yes, we provide all necessary sound equipment and basic stage lighting. Additional lighting and sound
requirements can be accommodated for an extra fee.

Our pricing varies depending on the date, location, and specific needs of your event. All quotes include
performance time, set-up and breakdown, sound equipment, and travel expenses within a specified

Yes, we are fully insured, which covers both liability and all of Prime Time’s equipment. We can provide
a certificate of insurance if your venue requires it.

Yes, we often perform at public venues or showcases for potential clients.
Let us know and we can inform you about upcoming dates and locations.

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