Rhythm 6

Rhythm6 is the definition of high-energy! This diverse 7-piece party band has an unparalleled stage presence that radiates excitement and fun uncommon in the event or LIVE band music industry.


Rhythm6 is the epitome of high-energy! This dynamic 7-piece party band boasts an unmatched stage presence that exudes excitement and fun, a rarity in the event or live band music industry. Fronted by three lead singers who embody passion and dedication to their craft, and supported by an invigorating rhythm section, Rhythm6 offers an experience akin to a national celebrity act performing just for you and your guests. Renowned for their interactive style, Rhythm6 makes every attendee feel engaged, solidifying their excellent reputation for filling dance floors and sustaining high energy throughout the night. Looking for an extra kick? Their optional horn section matches the band’s vibrancy, adding an exhilarating layer to their performances.
Rhythm6 receives booking inquiries nationwide, not only from party planners and event producers but also through collaborations with DJs, choreographers, and dancers to enhance and contribute to an immersive, high-energy evening. Each performance is a unique experience, meticulously tailored by Kushner Entertainment’s team to align with the vision and scale of your special event.

7 Piece Line Up

1 Male Vocals, 2 Female Vocals

Bass, Keyboard, Drums, Guitar 


-Musicians for ceremony + cocktails

-Ceremony Sound

-Additional HornsA

-Strings -Lighting