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Hailing from the vibrant city of Parkland, Florida, DJ Shannon is a dynamic and passionate entertainer who has mastered the art of creating unforgettable experiences through music. With a deep connection to her Jewish heritage and a heart full of memories from her own Bat Mitzvah, Shannon’s journey in the world of music began at an early age.

Having grown up in the tight-knit Jewish community of Parkland, Shannon’s upbringing has instilled in her a profound appreciation for tradition and celebration. Her Bat Mitzvah, a cherished milestone in her life, sparked a fire within her that would later become the driving force behind her career. She fondly recalls the joy and excitement of that day, an occasion she wished could last forever.

Shannon’s true essence comes to life when the music starts playing, and the atmosphere becomes electric. Her love for music, combined with an innate ability to read the crowd, sets the stage for incredible and memorable moments. As the beat drops and the energy surges, DJ Shannon thrives in the midst of pulsating adrenaline and a sea of joyful faces.

With a decade of experience in the events industry, Shannon has honed her skills to perfection. For over five years, she has been curating her own parties, infusing each event with her unique style and infectious energy. Her innate talent for seamlessly blending different genres, eras, and beats ensures that every party she touches turns into an extraordinary celebration.

Outside of her exhilarating career, Shannon finds solace and inspiration in various passions. She spends quality time with her two beloved dogs, embracing the companionship and unconditional love they bring to her life. The world of art beckons to her as well, with painting being a creative outlet where she translates her emotions onto canvas. When relaxation calls, Shannon can be found enjoying precious moments with her husband and embarking on nature escapades to revel in the beauty of the world around her.