SPECTRUM hails from our Nation’s Capital, but are well known and highly respected from Maine to Miami Beach.


SPECTRUM is a musical powerhouse, blending a diverse range of talents to create unforgettable performances. With the combined skills of R&B recording artist and vocal impersonator George, Latin singer/songwriter Ramon, and the beautiful and uber-talented lead vocalist Chelsea, SPECTRUM offers a unique and dynamic entertainment experience. Their performances are characterized by high energy, audience interaction, and a seamless blend of musical genres.

Bandleader Ben not only dazzles on the keyboard and bass guitar but also ensures that every aspect of your celebration runs smoothly. His leadership keeps the band in perfect harmony, delivering flawless performances every time.

Scott, the band’s young guitar prodigy, brings a fresh and electrifying energy with his exceptional guitar skills, captivating audiences with his impressive solos.

Matt and Arsen are versatile musicians who contribute to the band’s rich sound by playing multiple instruments, showcasing their talent and versatility.

Ron, the drummer, provides the heartbeat of the band, ensuring that every beat resonates with the audience, making the music felt as well as heard.

Hailing from the nation’s capital, SPECTRUM has earned a reputation that extends from Maine to Miami Beach and coast to coast. Their talent is rivaled but unmatched, placing them among the elite bands in the area’s music industry. As time goes on, SPECTRUM only continues to improve, much like a fine wine.

SPECTRUM is the perfect choice for corporate parties, galas, and events. Their ability to keep guests on the dance floor all night ensures that your event will be memorable and enjoyable for all attendees.


8  Piece Line Up

2 Male Vocals, 1 Female Vocals

Keyboard, Drums, Guitar, Trumpet, Saxophone


-Musicians for ceremony + cocktails

-Ceremony Sound

-Additional Horns