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If you seek passion and enthusiasm wrapped around a curious blend of entertainment and subtle intrigue, then the person you seek is MC TEE. When not entertaining hundreds of people at events, TEE can be found eating chocolate chip cookies. During pre and post cookie eating, TEE is probably dancing to your favorite Michael Jackson song. He was bitten by the dance bug at the tender age of 6 and promptly engaged in public performance entertaining thousands of people ever since. With a drive so relentless and a talent so genuine yet incredible, TEE is a must-have performer at your event.

His keen attention to detail and devout devotion to excellence is what makes his participation at your event a unique experience. Over the years, under the guidance of industry legends such as MC FRESH, MC CHAD, MC PURNELL and MC MOSES, TEE developed a unique blend of their strengths giving birth to an MC full of energy. In addition to his dynamic and graceful personality, Tee conveniently exerts fun and charisma. Above all, he is equipped with the determination to make sure that whatever event he is part of is amazing no matter the circumstance.


Recent event images of MC Tee